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Digital Textile Congress 2014

Venue: University of Ghent, Belgium
Date: 4th-5th September 2014

This conference intends to bring forward the best research, latest developments on digital technologies, including hardware, software, digital inks, printed materials and their related applications.

IndusPRINT 2014 - South Asia

Venue: Bangalore
Date: 11th October 2014

IndusPrint 2014 is the first conference in India, which is specifically focused towards industrial inkjet and printing technology.

Inkjet India 2015 - Digital Textile Printing Conference

Venue: New Delhi
Date: 26th February 2015

Inkjet Forum India is all set to organise its 5th edition of this flagship conference on Digital Textile Printing in Delhi.

Inkjet India Technical Workshop Series 2015

Venue: tba
Date: tba

This technical workshop series will provide an indepth understanding of inkjet printing technology and will provide the delegates a comprehensive educational experience.

Inkjet Forum Asia 2015 - Digital Textile Printing Conference

Venue: Asia
Date: tba

We will go International with our very first ‘Inkjet Forum Asia’ conference on Digital Textile Printing in South East Asia. The details for the same will be announced shortly.

Inkjet India 2016 - Digital Textile Printing Conference

Venue: tba
Date: February 2016

Feature: Inkjet Design Trends
In its 6th year, Inkjet Forum India will organize its its flagship ‘Inkjet India’ series conference enlighten the stakeholders of this area about the flourishing trends of Digital Textile Printing.

IndusPRINT 2016 - Industrial Print Conference

Venue: tba
Date: October 2016

After the 1st event in Bangalore,IndusPRINT 2016 will provide the best networking opportunities for the stakeholders involved in this field of industrial inkjet and printing technology.

4th International Inkjet Conference 26th February 2014 | Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel | Delhi
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After producing high-tech fiber and CO2 laser systems for such applications as marking, cutting and engraving, Fonon Technologies has announced the release of their own brand of 3D metal sintering system, 3D FUSION metal printer, and it is now available for order.

fonon fusion metal 3D printerLike other metal sintering machines, Fonon’s 3D FUSION process translates 3D CAD models into physical objects by focusing a high-powered laser to fuse metal nano powders at layer thicknesses from 10 to 100 microns.  And, as with most 3D metal printers, parts printed on the FUSION machine must be post-processed with heat treatment, surface finishing, and coating, to reach their final design specifications.

A spokesman for Fonon, Robert Hunt, said of the new machine, “We are one of the Pioneering professional laser equipment companies in the USA who stepped into additive manufacturing. We believe that our vast experience in the design and manufacture of laser tools installed at most major Fortune 500 manufacturing companies will guarantee the broader penetration of exciting 3D metal fusion into industrial space. We intend to replace the generic approach to 3D Metal prototyping and replace it with development of specialized high productivity 3D Fusion systems to fit specific applications. For example the system for Jewelry printing will be completely different from the Laser Fusion system capable of manufacturing medical contact pads or missile war heads.”

I contacted Fonon to get more details about the FUSION 3D printer, but wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone to ask them more specific details about the technology, so we’re unable to tell you about the machine’s build volume, the range of metals it can print, the price of the machine, how long it’s been in development, or how exactly it differs from other laser metal sintering machines on the market.  We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know!

Courtesy: http://3dprintingindustry.com/

3D Printing Posted 2014-08-30T03:59:49-07:00

PALO ALTO, CA—August, 2014—In business for nearly 20 years, Hamilton, OH-based Innovative Labeling Solutions (ILS) has evolved from a narrow web flexographic label converter to a leading full-service label and packaging provider. ILS installed its first HP Indigo digital press in 2005, recognizing that digital print would be a key differentiator. The company has since focused on strategically growing its label and packaging offerings with digital printing technology. In less than 10 years, digital printing has grown from zero to 60 percent of ILS’ revenue.

With the new 30" format HP Indigo 20000 digital press, which recently won Printing Industries of America’s 2014 InterTech Technology Award, ILS expects to produce up to 80 percent of its customers' flexible packaging applications, including those not previously addressable with digital printing technology because of former size limitations. For the first time, ILS can bring all the advantages of digital to customers' larger-sized flexible packaging applications, such as stand up pouches and three-sided sealed bags. The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press will also help ILS streamline its label production work, providing higher imposition efficiency and an increase in the number of labels that can be produced per run, with quality comparable to or better than conventional printing technologies.

“Brands of all sizes partner with us because we transform typical labels and packaging into marketing pieces that establish meaningful connections with their customers,” said Jay Dollries, president, ILS. “Digital printing enables us to deliver that value to our clients by partnering with them to solve their unique organizational challenges, and the larger-format HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press will help us extend that value into new flexible packaging applications.”

Labels and Packaging Posted 2014-08-30T03:57:46-07:00

MGI Digital Graphic Technology has announced Konica Minolta Business Solutions Inc. as the exclusive distributor of the MGI product line in Japan.  "We are very proud of becoming the Exclusive Distributor of MGI in Japan,” states Mr. Kanji Wada, President of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Inc., Japan. “By adding the innovative and creative products of MGI to our lineup and consolidating them, we will be able to provide digital printing products and solutions that bring innovative changes to the commercial printing market in Japan.”  Looking to continually increase their presence in the Japanese graphic arts market, Konica Minolta intends to take full advantage of the wide array of products in the MGI product line. This opportunity will allow Konica Minolta to open new doors and capitalize on the growth of the professional digital commercial printing market.  “We are honored to be expanding our collaboration with Konica Minolta,” states Michael Abergel, Executive Vice President of MGI. “Konica Minolta is the ideal partner to expand our sales and service into Japan. I am confident this strategic partnership will continue to further increase the presence of both companies in the Japanese print industry.”

Business and Technology Posted 2014-08-30T03:52:47-07:00

Company extends advantages of digital print production to corrugated applications

PALO ALTO, Calif. - HP today announced that Obaly Morava, a.s. installed the world’s first HP High-speed Inkjet Corrugated Packaging Solution to digitally pre-print high-quality corrugated liners and meet demand for faster time to market.

Obaly Morava, a privately-owned corrugated board producer based in the Czech Republic, provides a broad range of corrugated products to the Czech Republic and surrounding markets, including up to nine-layer corrugated board and boxes. The forward-looking company installed the press in June, becoming the first user of the new solution, which is based on the HP T400 Simplex Color Inkjet Web Press.

“Market demands and the technology available are changing dramatically, and we are taking a fresh look at how to best meet our customers’ needs, such as individualization and differentiation from the competition,” said Martin Rehorik, president, Obaly Morava. “I had a vision of what digital pre-print could potentially do for our business and reached out to HP to discuss the possibilities of its high-speed production inkjet technology for printing corrugated liners. HP helped turn that vision into a reality.”

With the HP High-speed Inkjet Corrugated Packaging Solution, Obaly Morava digitally produces pre-printed corrugated top liners in back-to-back runs on the same substrate rolls for maximum efficiency and then transfers the pre-printed rolls to its corrugator to produce corrugated board for packaging applications.

Capitalizing on new digital capabilities

Adding value for new and existing customers, the HP High-speed Inkjet Corrugated Packaging Solution enables Obaly Morava to transition high-value jobs from analog litho-lamination and flexographic processes to digital to take advantage of faster time to market, short and medium runs, versioning and reduced environmental footprint.

Obaly Morava is optimizing its finishing processes with a Harris & Bruno International near-line coater, ideal for aqueous priming and overcoating printed substrates. The company plans to eventually move this coater inline for priming and add a second coater for inline overcoating.

“By adopting the HP High-speed Inkjet Corrugated Packaging Solution, Obaly Morava is helping usher in a digital transformation in the corrugated market,” said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions Division, HP. “This innovative solution brings game-changing productivity, greater versatility, value-chain optimization and more efficient production workflow to corrugators and represents the first of a series of production inkjet innovations from HP.”

Printing on uncoated and coated corrugated substrates, premium offset media, and recycled and thin liners with speeds of up to 183 meters (600 feet) per minute, the HP High-speed Inkjet Corrugated Packaging Solution delivers faster turnaround times. The solution also includes new HP Priming Agent technology with four-color HP A50 aqueous pigmented CMYK inks that provide exceptional print quality.

More information about the HP Inkjet Web Press portfolio is available at www.hp.com/go/inkjetwebpress.

Labels and Packaging Posted 2014-08-30T03:50:58-07:00

Digital textile specialist Kornit Digital will highlight two key members of its portfolio - Kornit Avalanche 1000 and the Kornit Breeze at the Garment Technology Expo in Bengaluru, which will commence from today, 22 August to 24 August, 2014.

The Avalanche 1000 is Kornit's fastest industrial t-shirt and garment printer, while the Breeze is an entry-level machine. Both the machines incorporate Spectra Polaris printheads. The Avalanche 1000 employs 24 printheads and the Breeze six, with 256 nozzles per head. The overall printing area for Avalanche is 60x90cms and Breeze is 35x45cms. 

Both the machines are based on Kornit's NeoPigment ink process, the only technology that print on multiple fabrics, dark and white with no pre-treatment or post-print press required, claims the company.

The US-based Kornit has been present in India since 2011 and has over 15 installations in India. The company has joined hand with distributor Dhaval Color Chem, to exhibit the two products at the Bengaluru show.

"We view India as an important market with unlimited opportunities forgrowth, especially in the e-commerce segment which was projected to grow to $12.6 billion by the end of 2014.  We are excited to offer our complete printing solution which enables our customers to maintain their competitiveness in this e-commerce wave.  Our breakthrough in DTG solution offers businesses not only superior print quality and reliability, but also the ability to customise, organise and manage their valuable design assets, orders and inventory, thus enabling them to capitalize on new market opportunities for increased profit and growth." said Eyal Manzoor, managing director for Asia Pacific, Kornit Digital.

Courtesy: www.printweek.in

Digital Textile Printing Posted 2014-08-28T22:48:56-07:00

Last week saw the arrival of two new digital textile printers at their new home at the MTEX Technologies Demonstration Centre at the heart of the Midlands, UK.

They are the first in a suite of dedicated textile solutions being installed at the centre, MTEX’s new base for UK and Ireland demonstration and testing for the sign and display market, as well as the home textile and fashion industries.

Expertise and knowledge

Unlike many print solutions in the sign market that were designed for production banner and vinyl printing with temporary textile printing capabilities, MTEX only manufactures dedicated digital textile printing and finishing equipment.

The MTEX 1800 was the first printer to be installed at the centre and is aimed at medium sized display graphic and home textile companies. © MTEX

MTEX was founded just outside Porto in Portugal, in the traditional centre of European textile trade at Santo Tirso. The founders Eloi Ferrira and Marco Sousa and Managing Director of MTEX Technologies in the UK Stewart Bell, have many years of experience in the wide format print and imaging market. The company believes that combined, they have a very strong understanding of what true digital textile printing can achieve for sign and display graphics companies today.

New arrivals

“We are delighted at the arrival of the first two printers in our demonstration centre – the MTEX 1800 and the MTEX 5032Pro. They will be followed by the MTEX TurboSub and MTEX 500C for fashion fabrics later in the year,” commented Stewart Bell.

“The MTEX PAD, Steamer and W&D are also being prepared for shipment to the UK so companies with a need for pre-coating fabrics, steaming and post-print washing & drying will be able to put them through their paces. When all the machines are in, we will have the most comprehensive demonstration suite of direct-to-textile digital printers in the UK.”

 The MTEX 5032Pro has also been installed ready for demonstration and customer testing. © MTEX

“It’s a very exciting time to be involved with digital textile printing and it is our aim to help sign and display makers and creators, interior designers and fashion houses to harness the power of digital using our equipment and bolster the strong and lasting heritage of textile printing in the UK.”

MTEX printers

The MTEX 1800 was the first printer to be installed at the centre and is aimed at medium sized display graphic and home textile companies that want a machine that will print dedicated textiles with punchy colours. It is 1.8m wide and prints extremely high quality vibrant colours at up to 48sqm per hour and has a 2 litre bulk ink system for continuous printing.

 The MTEX 5032Pro has also been installed ready for demonstration and customer testing. This machine is a 3.2m wide direct-to-textile printer with integrated fixation and runs at 58sqm per hour. It is the second-generation version of the 3.2m wide MTEX 5032, which has a proven track record in the industry as the market leading direct-to-textile printer in Europe.

Different fabrics can have varying tensions across the roll, so MTEX developed an electro-pneumatic feeding system that handles the challenges inherent with printing onto textiles with ease, and prevents errors occurring during the print process. © MTEX

Different fabrics can have varying tensions across the roll, so MTEX developed an electro-pneumatic feeding system that handles the challenges inherent with printing onto textiles with ease, and prevents errors occurring during the print process. This printing solution aims to enable users to produce a wide range of fabrics for a huge variety of applications including soft signage, interior displays, home textiles, flags, retail point of sale, lightboxes and much more.

Courtesy: www.mtex.eu

Digital Textile Printing Posted 2014-08-28T06:16:30-07:00

FESPA 2014, Milan
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